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The Creation Process

Starting From Scratch

Hi, I'm Esther, one of the members from team Exothermic Creation (10C), and I created the Exothermic Robotics website! My team members, Ann, Di, Elizabeth, Helena, and Thaisa, as well as the rest of the club helped by gathering information and pictures. My team decided to enter into the Robotics Team Website Challenge sponsored by Dell not only because we could enter into the Online Challenge, but also because Exothermic Robotics has never had a club website before, so we thought that our website could potentially become the overall club website.


As mentioned before, since we did not have a previous website, there was very little to go off of. To collect information, my teammates and I interviewed the board members about our club's history and we dug deep into social media and news posts. Unfortunately, the information would often times be scattered and unorganized or nowhere to be found at all. Fortunately though, everyone was very supportive and responded to our questions as soon as possible. My team members would also direct me towards any resources they thought would be helpful!


I used a variety of colors, although the main theme that my teammates and I decided on was a green, gray/black, and red combination since these are the colors of our T-shirts and logo.

Stock Photos

For some of the pages, we used photos from Pexels, a website which provides free stock photos. Since the photographers that upload their images to Pexels know their images will be reused by others, there are no copyright conflicts by using them.

Actual Website Stuff

I only had minimal experience regarding building websites, so building this website certainly seemed daunting at first. However, I decided to take on the challenge and instead of using premade templates from Bootstrap or utilizing website builders such as Wix or Squarespace, I chose to make the website completely from scratch. By watching online tutorials and utilizing other online resources, I was able to gain a better grip of the languages. This is what was used to make the website:

What's Special About Our Website?

Our website is built simply with HTML, CSS, and Javascript! We didn't use any pre-made templates or website builders. While it may have been much harder and more time-consuming to make, it was worth it to learn a new skill that may be useful for the future.

Everyone contributed! All the EXO members provided photos and information or resources regarding the club.

Our website showcases where we are right now, where we were in the past, and where we want to be in the future. As the season goes on, we'll make changes to the website to accurately reflect the club, and hopefully persuade other high school students around the area to join!

Plans for the Website's Future