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About Us

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Who Are We?

exothermic: a reaction or process that releases heat

We are a group of like-minded, self-motivated high school students from all around the Redmond, Washington area who are passionate about robotics. We have multiple teams of varying experience levels, and those that are more experienced typically help out the newer teams. Even with our different backgrounds, we all share a love for robotics!

Our Values


We all share a love for robotics! Our club provides us with a perfect learning environment for STEM and robotics to cultivate this interest.


Emphasize working with others while gaining effective leadership skills. Exothermic teams work together achieve a higher level.


Create new ideas while continuously learning new things. We promote unique and diverse ideas within our organization.

What Do We Do?

We build robots! Each team designs, builds, and programs their own robot for the current season. In fact, within a single season, EXO teams often rebuild multiple times, sometimes even creating a new robot altogether. Teams also enter into competitions. These include the local league competitions, the regional competitions, the state competition, and finally the VEX Robotics Worlds Championship. TSA and VEX also partner together, so teams interested in the VEX Robotics Competition at TSA also compete there. The current game for the 2019 - 2020 season is Tower Takeover. To learn more, check out the competitions section under "VEX Overview".

...But we do more than build robots. Through the interactive, hands-on platform VEX Robotics provides, we also develop teamwork and leadership skills. We learn how to work together with our different skill sets and personalities, and we learn how to lead a team. We also develop resilience and perseverance when things don't always go right in the process.

And most importantly, we have fun! Here at Exothermic Robotics, we believe that the experience and process is what matters the most. The results may not always turn out as expected, but there's always another opportunity!

Our Vision For The Future


Become a place to provide self-development in all aspects, not just in robotics


Maintain our reputation as a top-tier robotics club


Become a major player in the contribution and growth of STEM and robotics in our local community

When Do We Meet?

Our official meetings are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, although often times, teams will meet multiple times a week from 5:30 - 7:30 PM, especially before competitions. Each team is given their own key to the space so they more or less get to decide their own meeting schedules, creating a flexible environment. Each team also communicates with each other about who is at the EXO house as well as other information, such as upcoming competitions, fees, etc.

Where Do We Work?

We have our own workspace located just off of Willows Road in Redmond, Washington. Inside, we've set up a raised practice field as well as tables for each team to work on. Teams share the basic supplies and tools needed to create an effective robot, but can also order their own parts when needed.

What's Special About Us?

Our club is one of a kind due to its focus on passing our knowledge from generation to generation. Our student board members range from build/programming advisors to supply managers allowing our club to be completely student run. We work in a shared work place, known as the Robot House, so everyone can share tips and advice with each other as we work. We are also a community organization, with members from schools all over the Washington Eastside.